1. Java runtime environment found at This is the virtual machine in which this application runs on. The application has been upgraded to use Jave 2 so execution should be a one step process now.

2. Have the CM11A or CM17A X10 computer interface plugged into your computer's serial port.

  • In the directory that you specified to download the program. There will be a file called alice.jar. Simply type java -jar alice.jar and it should launch the application.

3. If the install was successful the program should run fine. If you want additional options allowed by the application the following is explains how to manually run and pass additional arguments.

The application normally start with a splash screen. In the case of Java versions 1.2 you would type:

java -jar alice.jar

For no splash screen type:

java -jar alice.jar -nosplash

For Microsoft Windows users, you can type javaw in place of the java command if you don't want to see the console window.

The program will build a file called jhome.prop, and HAConfig.ini which are the properties file used by the application. If you delete these file the system will rewrite a new file again, but you may lose some settings. If you feel that you wanted to go back to the default settings of the program and don't remember what the defaults were then simply delete these file and all of the default settings will be rewritten.

Running Alice in a console mode (Replaced with Web interface)

In this mode, Alice automatically connects to your serial port based on the last settings. Loads up the last file saved, and starts the events running mode. This mode runs all the events saved in the events panel at the times specified by the user. You can also specify a particular file to run following the -nogui command line by the name of the file you want to run. For example Unix /home/username/myhouse.x10 . For windows uuse c:\alice\myhouse.x10 .

To run in this mode, type and load automatically the last file save just type:

java -cp alice.jar org.wcb.autohome.Main -nogui
java -cp alice.jar org.wcb.autohome.Main -nogui /home/username/myhouse.x10

You should now be up and running with the ALICE program! With Unix systems, a file called jhome should be written in the specified bin directory you entered in the installer. This is a basic shell script that will allow you to run the program from anywhere on the system.